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DiARC Graphic Team
Dept. of Architecture
University of Naples “Federico II”
Prof. Alfonso Morone / dott. Michele Albarella

The endeavor to identify a reference capable of expressing the historical identity of the Botanical Garden through its relationship with the city of Naples has focused on the architectural element of the open staircase at the main entrance on Via Foria. This component appeared to us to best encapsulate certain identity values, such as the historicity of the Botanical Garden, identifiable in the persistence of its location over time, as well as its connection to urban life through the main facade on a street that perfectly exemplifies the popular dimension of the city. This, therefore, conveys an idea of accessibility and openness of the Garden in its social dimension.
Concluding this series of references is the clear symbolism in the ascensional value of the staircase, which, from the crowded and chaotic street level, leads through an upward path to the naturalistic dimension of the elevated level of the garden  compared to Via Foria.