Model of the flower of Rosa canina L.
Model of the flower of Rosa canina L.

Collection of Brendel Botanical Models

The Botanical Garden of Naples has a collection of papier-mâché models that reproduce plant structures, whole plants, or fungi.

The Brendel models are three-dimensional botanical models created to support the teaching of botany produced by the Brendel & Sons Company, which operated in Berlin from 1866 until the 1920s.

Thanks to the interaction of model makers and botanists, faithful reproductions of plants and their structures were created using simple and low-cost materials such as paper, glue, and gelatins.

Considering their historical and artistic interest, and in order to preserve them, the models are no longer used for teaching. Currently, they are exhibited in the main lecture hall in the Plant Biology Building and in the Castle lecture room.

In addition, a CD-ROM has been created that includes, for each species reproduced by the models, photos of the plants in nature and explanatory cards, which can be consulted online here.

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