Information on tree species

Araucaria cunninghamii

Araucaria cunninghamii Sweet

Family: Araucariaceae

Common name: Hoop pine

A tree species found in the coastal forests of eastern Australia and New Guinea, it can reach a height of 60 meters. The trunk has numerous branches and bears an irregular or more or less cylindrical crown. The male and female cones usually form on separate individuals: the male cones are oval or elliptical in shape and are about 7 cm long, while the female cones are oval and can reach a length of about 10 cm at maturity. The seeds are edible, ellipsoid in shape, and have wing-like appendages that aid dispersal.

This species is used for landscaping parks and gardens and is also valued for its high-quality wood, which is widely used in the plywood industry as well as for furniture, boats, woodworking, and turning work.

Araucaria cunninghamii