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Cycas revoluta

Cycas revoluta Thunb.

Family: Cycadaceae

Common name: Japanese sago palm

A plant native to Japan that resembles a palm in appearance, Cycas revoluta has a slow-growing trunk topped with a tuft of leathery, pinnate-shaped, rigid, and spiny leaves. Male specimens produce large elongated cones, while female specimens have numerous modified yellowish leaves at the top of the trunk, bearing ovules that will later develop into reddish seeds.

This cycad is found in parks and gardens in mild climate regions. In its native areas, it is also used for food purposes, as starch is extracted from the pith.

The word Cycas refers to the resemblance of species belonging to this genus to palms. It is derived from "koykas", a Greek word used to indicate an unspecified palm.

Cycas revoluta