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Jubaea chilensis

Jubaea chilensis Baill.

Family: Arecaceae

Common name: Chilean wine palm

A species native to Chile, it has a massive trunk that can reach a height of up to 30 meters, topped by a crown of pinnate leaves. The flowers, purplish in color, are unisexual and gather in conspicuous inflorescences. The fruits are yellow-orange and have a flavor similar to coconut, and they can be consumed fresh.

The sap, after boiling, is sold in the native countries as "Miel de Palma" (palm honey). It can also be fermented to produce an aromatic and sweet alcoholic beverage. Finally, in mild climate areas, this plant is cultivated, although not frequently, in parks and gardens.

The generic name of this palm is dedicated to Juba II, an ancient ruler of Numidia and Mauritania, while the specific epithet refers to the plant's area of origin.

Jubaea chilensis