Information on tree species

Rhizophora mangle

Rhizophora mangle Roxb.

Family: Rhizophoraceae

Common Name: Red Mangrove

The red mangrove, found in estuarine ecosystems of tropical regions, is a tree species that can reach and exceed 30 m in height. Its root system grows in semi-submerged and anoxic sediments, featuring partially exposed prop roots that allow oxygen to reach the underground roots while also serving as stilts for the rest of the plant to grow on. The seeds lack a dormant phase, and young seedlings develop on the parent plant. When they fall, they can anchor themselves to the substrate and give rise to new individuals, or they can float for up to a year, enabling them to travel long distances and colonize new environments. These plants are crucial in tropical and subtropical regions for preserving coastal lines from storms.

Rhizophora mangle