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Sphaeropteris cooperi

Sphaeropteris cooperi (Hook. ex F. Muell.) R.M. Tryon

Family: Cyatheaceae

Common Names: Cooper's Tree Fern, Scaly Tree Fern

An tree fern native to eastern Australia, with a somewhat palm-like appearance, capable of reaching a height of 15 m in its natural habitat. The leaves, located at the top of the trunk, can measure up to 4 m in length. They have a bluish-green color, are bipinnate, and have a vaguely triangular outline. The trunk bears prominent leaf scars from old fronds, around which adventitious roots develop, increasing the thickness and strength of the trunk.

Currently, this plant is cultivated for ornamental purposes in many tropical and temperate regions, where it is appreciated for its appearance and relatively fast growth.

The species is named after Sir Daniel Cooper (1821-1902), an Australian politician, merchant, philanthropist, and plant collector.

Sphaeropteris cooperi