Aerial view of the palm collection.
Aerial view of the palm collection.

15. Palm grove

The palms, which belong to the family Arecaceae, are mostly tropical and subtropical plants that often have significant economic importance in their regions of origin. They typically have a columnar woody stem, at the top of which both the crown of leaves and the large inflorescences are formed, the latter consisting of numerous small flowers.

Some typical representatives of this family found in our palm grove are the Mexican palm (Washingtonia robusta), the Chilean wine palm (Jubaea chilensis), the queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana), the caranday palm (Trithrinax campestris), the Mexican blue palm (Brahea armata), the Guadeloupe palm (Brahea edulis), and some species of the genus Phoenix.

Among the atypical palms present in this area, some species of the genera Chamaedorea and Sabalcan be mentioned, as well as the climbing Chamaedorea elatior.

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