Labels in Braille.
Labels in Braille.

7. The Tactile-Olfactory Museum

The itinerary for the visually impaired partially unfolds within a building called the "Chalet" and in the adjacent outdoor area. The "Chalet" is dedicated to illustrating plant anatomy, as well as the typical fragrances of some species, with the aid of wooden display cases and panels.

The display cases are used to exhibit plant organs. The upper compartment of each case containing the displayed plant material is equipped with a hole through which the user can touch and perceive the particular characteristics of a plant organ. In case fragrant plant parts are exposed, visitors can also use their sense of smell. A synthetic text in braille characters, providing information on the plant material contained in the case, is located on the surface near the hole.

The panels are equipped with four cork stoppers impregnated with essential oils placed at the bottom. The user can lift these stoppers and appreciate the scents they emit, recognizing the respective species thanks to the braille label placed next to each stopper.

The exterior section of this area features a railing that guides visitors along a path highlighting various themes. The outdoor area of this section features a railing that guides visitors along a path highlighting various themes. The specimens in display allow for the illustration of the main features of the most important groups of terrestrial plants. An exhibition of species selected mainly based on characteristics that can be easily perceived through touch or smell is set up on the plant benches present in this area. For this set-up, fragrant or hairy plants such as lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), and wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) were chosen, as well as some succulents interesting to the touch and some scented entities belonging to genus Pelargonium.

Each specimen in the outdoor section is accompanied by a plaque on which the scientific name and common name of the species are reported in braille characters.

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